You’Re tube??

Humans are so strange that sometimes i can sit and look at them for hours and analyze some of their unorthodox ways of doing things. Then you become one of them…For a introvert to join the human race in something so social that Facebook looks like a sms, takes a lot of effort. So what turns something as useless as a tube into machine gun for laughter?

The DBA team in all it's TUBENESS
The DBA team in all it’s TUBENESS

This is what Deep Blue Adventures do, we take something as simple as a tube and turn it into something that has more entertainment value than watching Jacob Zuma deliver a math speech. Though this was a collaboration with the Round Table, the whole event had an event inside of it. DBA gathered a couple of friends gave them a tube and told them to go and have fun.

When you start looking for your phone after 8 KMs on the water...
When you start looking for your phone after 8 KMs on the water…

The Sabie tube race is a yearly orgasm that turns the sleeping town of Sabie into a breathing screaming dragon of pleasure. Dressed as minions each with a tube around the neck many ventured into the unknown. Taking a trip on a truck that would give a safety officer a stroke, we were taken the top of the river. The truck drops you off at 10 km from where you were. Then it’s you and you’re trusty black tube. Though many tried to drift downstream with a portable bar, many found less drink in the bottle than before while others found that river water is not a good mix.

The race is not what makes this the coolest event since bubblegum, but the people. I said people and in an introvert world, it’s like tearing up the bible. The amazing combination of crazy and fun the crowd you bump into and laugh at makes the whole drifty adventures on a tube so much fun you need to make a hole in your chest to release more laughter.

Mr voice himself.
Mr voice himself.

DBA did things differently and had a fantastic night with a great artist called Juan Boucher(Get his music right here).

His voice turned alcohol into soft drinks and it didn’t take long before the crowd were lost and dazed. This all came back to byte the following morning where all kinds of concoctions were made to safe the day. Each one HAD to do the job, if not you may find yourself having a conversation with your stomach while drifting on murky waters.

Taking a tube for a walk.

Though a few did survive the ordeal of last night’s over indulgence the rest managed to reach the end stuck with smiles that took a while to wash off. It’s about the people and You’re tube. This is something that anyone need to go and enjoy. Let DEEP BLUE ADVENTURES make it happen for you next year. Clear the diary and save some coin, you need to get there even if you need to talk to ABSA for an overdraft.

Happy Adventures friends

Thank you to all involved.


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